TaskUs Hosts First Annual CX Summit: Speakers Demand a Seat at the Table for Customer Experience Leaders

Last week TaskUs hosted our first ever CX Summit, which brought together more than 75 customer experience thought leaders and enthusiasts from some of the world's most innovative companies, including Google, Box, Yelp, Hootsuite and others. Main topics of discussion included the importance of wrapping the insights gained from customer support teams into the strategic businesses decisions made by companies.

Other key takeaways included:

  • Customer support can act as a source for insights to influence the organization's strategies including product and service offerings.
  • Customer support analytics are crucial to understanding how customers are flowing through the company ecosystem. Customer support knows where the hang-ups are first.
  • Customer support teams should be the product team's best friends. CX teams develop the narrative around the impacts of product or service defects that can be valuable to tweak an offering and support critical decision-making around important failure points.
  • Customer support teams need to do a better job of promoting themselves and building relationships within their companies in order to exercise influence.

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October 22, 2015