Dream Big, Sell Big: TaskUs Heads to Dreamforce ’15

It's about that time of year again: Dreamforce 2015, where all those passionate about sales data congregate to discover what's new with Salesforce. Naturally, TaskUs will be in attendance, checking out a few keynotes (Travis Kalanick, Co-Founder and CEO of our client, Uber is speaking!) and digging in to a few workshops. This year's Dreamforce kicks off on the heels of a few major announcementsfrom the Salesforce team, including Salesforce IQ and the IoT Cloud -- meaning the theme this year is predictive, real-time data, and its ability to drive business sales.

TaskUs is no stranger to Salesforce -- aside from our own data-junkie in attendance this year, Lead Acquisition Manager Brendan Burnett (chat with him about spreadsheets @brendans_tweets) --  we've helped our clients leverage the powerful CRM platform, providing services ranging from data cleaning to boosting client intimacy. Data cleaning is an essential component of keeping your CRM's operations effective, and your business' sales and marketing machine happy. Email validation can be critical, ensuring that your team's efforts to contact leads are more likely to hit the right person and result in a sell.

We've also helped our clients identify new leads, whether it's through combing through their social channels and importing those contacts into Salesforce, or taking a second look at the conversations already occurring in the platform and assisting with data enrichment. Any inbound marketer knows you can only have so many fields on a contact form -- TaskUs helps deliver powerful insights to our clients by populating the accounts in their Salesforce with unique information and interests you can't find without human research.

Listen to a case study with one of our amazing clients, Adroll -- and come say hello at Dreamforce!

Michael Buenaventura

September 15, 2015