The People Behind TaskUs: Neva Talladan

The People Behind TaskUs: Neva Talladan from TaskUs on Vimeo.

Here at TaskUs we talk a lot about being "ridiculously good," which may seem strange to people outside the company. But our tagline is more than a cute marketing slogan: it's an ethos. It takes hard work, commitment and a genuine love of what you do to be ridiculously good. That's why we wanted to showcase some of the people behind the scenes, like Neva, who work tirelessly to make sure that their teams -- and TaskUs -- are cared for.  It may sound strange to use a term like "care" in a corporate environment, but it's the most apt for what Neva does, and what we look for in our colleagues. It allows us, as a collective, to deliver results without compromising what matters most: our humanity.

October 21, 2014