The TaskUs Difference: An Open Letter To Our Amazing TaskUs Family

Philippines Typhoon
Dear TaskUs Family,

You are the strongest, most resilient group of people I have ever encountered. It saddens me that I am again writing to you under these circumstances, but I am reassured by the strength, passion and unrelenting positivity I witness in every single one of you. Just over a year ago I posted a similar letter to the entire TaskUs Family. At the time, we had just pulled through two days of typhoons and extreme flooding. Last year, I was on the ground to witness the power of the storm firsthand.

This week, it happened again. I was not there, but after seeing this video taken five minutes away from the TaskUs office I have a sense of how devastating it was. For days, the area in front of our office was flooded with knee-high waters, and much of the area between our teammates' houses and the office had waters neck-deep or worse. Having seen the damage last year, I know how devastating monsoons are to homes, families and day-to-day life that we so frequently take for granted.

In times like these, our first priority is your safety. As we were scrambling to make sure each of you was OK, we were inundated by teammates reaching out to say they would be working to make sure our clients were not affected. Some of you waded through floodwaters to work, others commuted for hours getting stuck numerous times and many of you offered to work from your own flooded homes. When the flooding began subsiding, we once again sent the TaskBus to pick up those of you that wanted to work so that you didn't have to commute in the horrible conditions. For those of you that were unable to work, other teammates stepped in, willing to work extra hours on your behalf. As a group, your selflessness and dedication to our Core Values solidified my opinion that we are more than a company - we are a family.

Through your incredible dedication to your clients, your teammates and TaskUs as a whole, we were able to operate in spite of disaster. TaskUs was there for our clients who were depending on us to moderate their applications, answer their customer phone calls and edit photos for their websites. These are all time-sensitive tasks that cannot afford any downtime, and in the worst of times, you all made sure they were taken care of.

One teammate who I'd like to highlight is Edward Carino. Edward lives in Tanza, an hour away from our office. On Monday he set out for work in the middle of the storm. Edward works on a time sensitive campaign at TaskUs. He knew that if he wasn't in the office his campaign would fall behind, which would impact his client and his other teammates who would have to scramble to keep pace. Edward walked to work, facing flood waters so high that he had to swim at certain points along his journey. Edward's determination and bravery is something that I admire and aspire to.

We frequently talk about the TaskUs difference, that we are different from other outsourcing companies: not only are we dedicated to excellence, each and every one of us truly cares about one another, our clients, the work we do and we are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure we're delivering the best possible service we can. The past few days have made me remarkably proud to be a part of such an amazing company, such an amazing family.

You are the TaskUs difference. Thank you.


Bryce Maddock

Bryce Maddock

CEO and Founder
August 23, 2013