TaskUs Core Value Champions March Edition

Julius and Charisse

At TaskUs, we have eight Core Values: "Inspire Others By Believing In Yourself," "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work," "Do More With Less," "Continuous Self-Improvement," "Always Strive For Excellence," Work Hard, Have Fun," "Exercise Emotional Intelligence" and "Be Ridiculous." These Core Values are what we look for in candidates for every TaskUs team member role for which we hire. We've even permanently posted them in every TaskUs office on the walls, Santa Monica, San Francisco and Bacoor.

We are pleased to announce our new blog series "TaskUs Core Value Champions". Each month our management team will nominate TaskUs team members they feel embody a specific core value and why we are inspired by them.

Thus, we are thrilled to announce March 2013's TaskUs Champions:

Julius Charles Caete and Charisse Rementilla
Core Value They Exemplified: "Work Hard, Have Fun"
Team Leader: Mike Gonzales

Julius and Charisse are outstanding team members. Meeting their client's expectations on a daily basis with solid marks in all performance categories: data accuracy, productivity and attendance. Julius' family suffered a terrible loss earlier this month. The strength and composure Julius showed during this trying time is truly remarkable and inspiring to all of his teammates.


Charisse is consistently one of the top performers on her team. Attributing to 35% of her team's total monthly production, Charisse has demonstrated data accuracy consistently showing growth as she rocketed from 64% in data accuracy to 92%! Considering the client's expectations are for data accuracy to be at 80%, it is clear to see how Charisse is inspiring her fellow team members by believing in herself.

Julius peace

Considering the terrible circumstances surrounding the loss of his sister, Julius' achievements and performance are remarkable. In the midst of serious life challenges, Julius has remained a steadfast performer amongst a very talented team. His productivity has continued to climb as it jumped 30% from previous months. Like Charisse, Julius also surpassed his client's data accuracy expectations with consistent marks of 85% accuracy.

Recently, Julius and Charisse had the opportunity to have fun with their teammates after a long work week. They packed up their gear and headed to the beach for some team bonding. As evidenced by the pictures, the team had a great time and demonstrated the TaskUs Core Value "Work Hard, Play Hard." We are incredibly fortunate to have Julius and Charisse in the TaskUs family.

This is just one of the many stories that inspire us on a daily basis. We look forward to announcing future monthly recipients of the TaskUs Core Value Champions Award.


March 30, 2013