TaskUs Core Value Champions – June Edition

Name: Greg Albert Esplana

Role: Data Feed Analyst

Core Value: Continuous Personal Development

Greg joined TaskUs 3 years ago as a transcriptionist for one of our very first client teams. Showing perseverance and dedication, Greg was quickly promoted to team leader. As a team leader, Greg has continued to show how hard work and strong results can impact all of the people and team members around you.

Greg's thirst for knowledge led him to master Microsoft Excel. Showing a natural ability and strong attention to detail, Greg's experience with Microsoft Excel was transitioned into a new role as a data feed analyst. Despite the demanding nature of his new role, Greg still takes the time to learn more. For example, Greg took on the task of learning SQL in order to improve his team's data processing efficiency. With his newfound knowledge, Greg was able to jump-start a basic SQL training session to share what he had learned with the rest of his teammates. Greg's a good example of someone who embodies our Core value of "Continuous Personal Development"!

Name: Joan Mirano

Role: Team Lead

Core Value: Continuous Self Improvement

Joan is a nurse by profession and has volunteered her services for the National Red Cross since August 2009. As an avid sports enthusiast, Joan plays table tennis and does her early morning runs during the weekend to compensate for hectic weekdays working the night shift. With her busy schedule, Joan rarely gets to watch TV. If and when she is able to steal a few minutes and turn the TV on, you can almost guarantee Joan is glued to the sports channel.

As part of her eagerness to improve her skills and further contribute to the growth of the TaskUs, Joan has taken on an entirely new and challenging task of doing Search Engine Optimization projects. With very little guidance or previous knowledge of SEO, Joan has been incredibly proactive in mastering her SEO skills through training videos and other online educational materials she has been able to find. These keeps her truly motivated to perform her duties with both a smile and a strong resolve to continuously be improving herself, Joan is a tremendous influence on her fellow team members and a model TaskUs employee.

Michael Buenaventura

June 25, 2013