TaskUs Core Value Champions – July Edition

Eliza Bianca Velasquez

Role: Virtual Assistant

CV: Always Strive for Excellence

Bea joined TaskUs in March 2013 as a Virtual Assistant. Although she has only been with us for a few months, she is already an extremely valued part of the TaskUs team. Bea is passionate about bettering herself and learning new things; she consistently exceeds expectations and is known for her hard work and positive attitude.

Bea is a trained nurse and midwife, and volunteered her expertise for over a year to help those in need. In her freetime, Bea enjoys reading books, watching movies, doing yoga and traveling. More than anything, she loves having fun with her friends and family.

Bea welcomes challenges and is always eager to better herself and improve her skills. Bea is a true inspiration to the entire TaskUs team and a perfect example of our core value, "Always Strive for Excellence."

Christian Capistrano

Role: Math Specialist

CV: Always Strive for Excellence

Christian joined TaskUs in 2011, and has proven himself to be a source of inspiration to everyone around him. He has worked on a wide variety of campaigns, and is known for his ability to exceed expectations even on the most difficult accounts. Christian is continually working to improve himself and his clients.

Christian's passion is music. A true lover of melody, he doesn't prefer one genre of music, rather he loves everything that sounds good to him. Christian's goals in life are to become successful in his career, to improve himself as an individual and to be a good example to everyone he meets.

Christian has proven himself to be a leader at TaskUs, and we're excited to continue to see him grow and inspire others around him. Christian's dedication to self-improvement and desire to be a leader demonstrates his embodiment of our core value, "Always Strive for Excellence."

Michael Buenaventura

August 09, 2013