TaskUs Core Value Champions – May Edition

Name: Rafael Sabale

Team Leader

Core Value Exemplified: Inspiring Others By Believing in Yourself

Rafael started out as a data analyst (Teammate) at TaskUs two years ago. Showing strong leadership skills and proven results, Rafael was recently promoted from team member to team leader. Now, Rafael leads his fellow team members on a project that monetizes YouTube videos.

As one of the hardest working team members at TaskUs, Rafael has consistently led by example. It was always his mission to be incredibly productive and efficient in his role's responsibilities while committing himself to helping TaskUs grow as an organization.

One example of his incredible dedication to his work was displayed early during his TaskUs career as a Data Entry accounts. Always striving for excellence, he often created and discovered ways or alternatives on how data can be processed exceeding the client's expectations of 1500 entries per day.

With multiple tasks in his campaign, he can do things right and perfect with a huge smile even under pressure. He serves an inspiration to the team and now has charactered himself to achieve a new journey in his career.

With multiple responsibilities within his current project, Rafael is able to continuously complete and perfect all daily tasks. Always cool and calm under intense pressure, Rafael can frequently be seen with a big smile on his face and his positive personality is infectious amongst his team. Rafael is a true inspiration to the entire TaskUs family and his new role as a team leader is bound to lead to even greater accomplishments!

Name: Angelli Luz Rojas

Role: Outbound Caller

Core Value: Inspiring Others By Believing in Yourself

Starting at TaskUs two years ago, Angel has already left a strong impression on the organization as a reliable and accomplished team member. Initially starting as a transcriptionist, Angel's strong results has led to her transitioning to a new role as an outbound caller.

Angel embodies the attitude of "inspiring others by believing in yourself" by never being late to work despite living very far away. Always believing that dedication and a strong commitment to good work is the key to success, Angel is a shining example of a TaskUs A-player. Angel is a reminder of the amazing results one can achieve when you love your job and are dedicated to improving.

When Angel is not at work, she spends most of her time with her kids. She loves cooking and hanging out with her friends. TaskUs is thrilled to have Angel on the team and we look forward to watching her continue to progress.


May 22, 2013