TaskUs Core Value Champions — April Edition

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In the April edition of our TaskUs Core Value Champions series, we have two spectacular employees that deserve credit and attention for their hard work. Fernan Delbo and Leila Bondoc are exemplary TaskUs team members and both consistently demonstrate the core value: Do more with less. At TaskUs, we appreciate their hard work and love having them as part of the TaskUs family.

Name: Fernan Delbo

Job: Online Researcher/Discount Deal Hunter

Core Value: Do more with less

Fernan is an incredibly hard working data entry representative. He's been with TaskUs since January and is constantly creating innovative ways of improving work processes and becoming more efficient. Additionally, his personal speed and accuracy are admired and respected by his fellow team members.

Always striving to improve the way we work, Fernan repeatedly tweaks the way he works in hopes of improving life for his team. For example, one of his innovations was creating an excel formula that automated a complex discount process. He also helped reintroduce apps in chrome like LinkClump and Popchrom, which greatly helped us improve our online research processes. As on online deal hunter at TaskUs, he consistently exceeds expectations as his average number of merchants per week with a total of 80-100 (goal is 75).

We can always count on Fernan to continually help his teammates improve the quality of their careers at TaskUs. It is a pleasure having him on our team and in the TaskUs family.

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Name: Leila Bondoc

Job: Team Leader/Transcriptionist/Trial Specialist

Core Value: Do more with less

Leila has had 15 years of work experience in various industries involving paralegal work, marketing, advertising, HR, writing, SEO and has even taught Math, English and Science at the International British Academy for 3 terms before deciding to focus on a career in Business Process Outsourcing -- Transcription.

Joining TaskUs in 2010, Leila leveraged her vast experience, natural mentoring abilities and leadership skills to rise quickly within our organization and attain the title of Team Leader on her transcription campaign. Her accomplishments and consistently strong results are a result of her ability to fully utilize every resource available.

As an advocate of open adoption, art appreciation and healthy lifestyle, Leila is very active within her community both at home and work. Leila paints, draws, practices wood carving, and yoga during her free time. Leila is also the proud mother of a four-year-old son, Samuel. With that being said, part of her free time is spent roughhousing and goofing around with Samuel.

Leila is an incredible asset for the TaskUs team and impactful mentor within the TaskUs family. We are thrilled she picked this career, when she had so many other skills and choices.

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April 30, 2013