TaskUs 4th of July Party

Celebrating Independence with 350 of our Closest Friends

We are incredibly fortunate and thrilled to announce TaskUs has locked down a summer beach house. It wasn't enough to merely be a part of the Silicon Beach Community. Nope, we decided to move within a few feet of the sand itself. Nestled right by the Santa Monica Pier, you can find our home away from home (literally) right here...

How would we mark this momentous occassion? A few ideas were considered. Host a hackathon? Most developers haven't seen the sun in awhile, bad idea. Meditate and start a drum circle? Interesting idea, but the beach house is in Santa Monica (not Venice). Throw a huge 4th of July Party? Absolutely! U-S-A! U-S-A! In true American fashion, we hosted a TaskUs size gathering of about three hundred and fifty of our closest friends, family and colleagues. burgers, beers, brats, Budweisers and more fireworks than you could ever ask for.

Here's the amazing news, we are going to be hosting gatherings at the TaskUs Beach Club all summer. Truly looking forward to hosting dinners, parties, yoga, movie nights and just about any other quintessential summertime activity at our pad.

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July 10, 2012