TaskUs in Tech Cocktail: A Glimpse at the Startup Life – How These 8 Startups Celebrated Halloween

Building remarkable company culture doesn't happen overnight; you have to work relentlessly to build great culture. Whether you have international offices, or you're all working from the same room, building company culture takes time and dedication. Tech Cocktail recently featured TaskUs in a story about company's with outstanding culture, and highlighted how they celebrated Halloween this year.

A Glimpse at the Startup Life: How These 8 Startups Celebrated Halloween


Startups are renowned for their open work spaces, paradoxically lax but high-energy environments, and endless supply of plaid shirts; however, such traits aren't the primary reasons why many are envious of the startup life. When you boil it down, many are attracted to the company culture that so many startups excel at.

We've certainly covered the ways that founders can develop and improve company culture. And - for those of us who have lived this startup lifestyle - we certainly know of the kinds of things we do to create a sense of community within our companies, but how about for those on the outside looking in? Or what about other founders wanting to learn specific ways that they, too, can celebrate their company's successes and people?

Well, here's a glimpse at how these 8 startups celebrated Halloween:

TaskUs Halloween Contest!

"As a startup with offices in the U.S. and the Philippines, and a staff that has grown from five to 560 employees in five years, we understand how hard it is to foster incredible company culture and have it withstand rapid growth. We've found that nothing solidifies our shared values and vibrant culture more than celebrating with each other, and Halloween is definitely one of our favorites. Hosting a costume contest between our international offices is another great excuse to bring everyone together!"

Bryce Maddock, co-founder & CEO of TaskUs

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Michael Buenaventura

November 05, 2013