Start-up Scene in Austin and Learning more about Sparefoot with Charlie Marriott

Today's episode of CXYZ finds Bryce talking CX with Charles Marriott, the Chief Operating Officer for SpareFoot. SpareFoot is the largest marketplace for finding and booking self-storage, making it simpler for customers to move and store their stuff. Most people know they have too much stuff, and they don't always have a place to put it. And, let's be honest, parting with it can be stressful.

Self-storage is a natural solution. It gives people a place to keep their stuff so they don't have to get rid of it. But finding the right storage location, especially when it involves a move to a new city, is difficult. Fortunately, SpareFoot's one goal is to make storage easy. Their comprehensive website lets users compare the most storage options nationwide and chose the best solution for them, be it self- or full-service storage.

Bryce and Charlie will discuss the startup scene in Austin and how some great companies have found success in this city. They will also talk specifically about growth, culture, and tactics for success at Sparefoot. Charlie will also share some of the most important lessons he has learned over the years. Charlie has over a decade of experience in client services and operations roles with a variety of companies, from those with household names to true startups, so his stories about handling angry customers are really interesting.

Our duo will close out the podcast with a thought-provoking conversation about how they think sales and the customer experience will transform over the next decade. It's a question we're all asking, so tune in.


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August 01, 2017