Scaling Your Business: 3 Easy Ways to Reduce Growing Pains


We specialize in helping companies scale their business, and have worked with some of the most innovative, successful and high-growth companies out there. As our clients scale their business, their TaskUs team scales. Regardless of much you desire growth, growth means change, and you need to be prepared for change to manage. We've had great successes with our clients, and also failures. With every failure, we take the time to develop a "post-mortem report that lays out what went wrong. From these, we've been able to understand how to position a company to successfully manage the process of growing. Below are our key takeaways on growing and setting a strong foundation for success.

1. Strategic Hiring

Always focus on hiring the right people, even when faced with time constraints. How much time are you willing to invest in mediocre talent that may never deliver the results necessary for success? How much time will management end up devoting to vetting replacement hires if poor hiring decisions are made? It's better to pushback on recruiting deadlines to secure high-quality, reliable candidates than to bring on subpar employees. Check references and take your time.

2.Take Advantage of Available Resources

Take advantage of what your clients, colleagues and friends know. When you get stuck in a rut, reach out to those who can give you a fresh perspective. Collaboration is key. Additionally, make sure you realize what incredible assets your employees are. If you were strategic in your hiring, you have a brilliant team working with you.

3.Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

In times of growth, you'll need your team more than ever. "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work" is one of the Core Values at TaskUs, and has proven to be one of the biggest contributors to our success. Trust your team, and if they're facing challenges take the time to understand why. Having discussions around this valuable insight will guide you in making the right decisions for your team, and in turn, your business.

September 12, 2013