Ridiculously Good Reads: Jack Dorsey's keys to success; Amazon is making moves; SV buying into media

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Twitter and Square co-founder Jack Dorsey suggests you create a daily ‘Do and Don't List'. This is his:

The Next Web, By: Ken Yeung

Growing a company is no easy task, and as success builds it becomes harder to manage all of your responsibilities. The beginning years of starting a company are, unfortunately, not always the most hectic. To manage your time, your responsibilities and your business, Jack Dorsey recommends making lists at the start of each day.

Why should you read this?
1) Boosting efficiency in a growing business is paramount to success
2) Successful people's tips to becoming successful are always worthwhile

Amazon is raising prices on Free Super Saver and Prime Overnight Shipping

GIGAOM, By: Laura Hazard Owen

Contrary to its historical pricing patterns, yesterday, Amazon raised the price required to get free shipping, and also raised the pricing on overnight shipping. It's the first time in over a decade that Amazon has raised its shipping pricing - an interesting move so close to the holidays, the most important season for all e-commerce businesses. If Amazon is raising its shipping prices, will all e-commerce sites soon follow suit?

Why should you read this?
1) Amazon has been in the news a lot lately
2) Everything Amazon does is strategic, so take note, and if you need more e-commerce tips, read this

Tech Wealth and Ideas Are Heading Into News

The New York Times, By: David Carr

The longevity of media outlets has been in question for years, with few viable solutions being presented, until recently when Silicon Valley came to the rescue. Names including Bezos, Jobs and Omidyar (the founder of eBay) have all recently invested in news sites. With news outlets around the country shutting down, the industry needs serious dollars to get it up and running again, and SV has just that. More than just capital, the new string of investors bring a different school of thought, one that is focused on innovation and appealing to mass quantities of people.

Why should you read this?
1) Emphasis on content is an emerging trend in all fields
2) Big names (with lot$ of money) are investing in media


October 22, 2013