Revolutionizing the Customer Service Space with Rob Bailey

When was the last time you had a bad customer service experience?

It may be safe to say that, at some point, we've all had a poor (even bordering on terrible) customer service experience. And who do we typically blame – the customer service rep? The company? Well, this is an important area that our guest, Rob Bailey, addresses in this week's episode of CXYZ.

Rob, COO of Kustomer, joins Jaspar to talk all things Customer Experience, as a provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  for customer support teams. Kustomer is making waves in the customer experience space as being the first system to completely integrate conversations, transactions and proprietary data into one platform. Although Kustomer is relatively new to the tech space, Rob has 15 years of experience building tech companies. His most recent position was as CEO of DataSift, and he shares his biggest lesson learned that has carried over to his role at Kustomer, as well as his journey that led him there. According to Rob, there are two reasons why customer service support isn't better, and he shares how Kustomer is providing an holistic approach to solving these issues. The real issue? Most, support teams want to provide good customer service but don't have access to the right tools.

Rob offers advice on how shifting your perception of the customer can transform your customer support team, along with  a few strategies on how customer experience leaders can have more impact "at the table." We also discuss with Rob the impact AI will have on CX over the next few years, industry-wise and for Kustomer. And Rob will even share one of his worst "bad customer service experience" stories.

A big takeaway from this week's episode is that there's a growing gap between a company's ability to provide exceptional customer support and equipping their customer service teams with the tools they need to do so.


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September 05, 2017