TaskUs Taps Texas for Significant Domestic Expansion

LOS ANGELES - April 13, 2017 - TaskUs, an international leader providing support to rapid-growth tech companies, just unveiled plans for significant expansion to its Texas offices. In San Antonio, the new offices will be housed in the historic Finesilver Building in an area already known as the heart of a blossoming tech community. The company has leased out two floors for a combined 32,000 square feet that will accommodate the 500 employees TaskUs is committed to establishing there.

Working with San Antonio-based CBI Group, whose tagline is “Culture Based Interiors”, the TaskUs space will continue the TaskUs signature Ridiculously Good aesthetic: high energy, whimsical, fun and geared to its millennial workforce and customer base. The San Antonio location further supports TaskUs’ office culture with employee perks that include a complimentary coffee and snack station (complete with healthy options), a napping/resting area, on-site massage therapist visits and a space for employees to cut loose, play foosball and watch TV. TaskUs will soon complete the build of an on-site gym and library for employees to enjoy. Cookouts, pajama days, bring-your-pet-to-work days, on-site yoga classes, one-on-one nutritionist visits and education on financial literacy round out the list of ways that TaskUs takes care of its team.

“Our priority is to create a place where our customer service team smiles on their way to work and to demonstrate every day that they are valued,” said TaskUs CEO Bryce Maddock. “We have as much fun as possible while still servicing our clients with top notch quality and satisfaction scores. Working hard and having fun is what we do.”

TaskUs brings the millennial mindset to customer support for high growth companies in the Hi-Octane San Antonio “Promised Land.” The city’s proximity to Austin, its huge young and educated workforce and its reputation as one of the “friendliest” cities in the U.S. make it the perfect place for TaskUs to grow its team.

“TaskUs San Antonio will further enable companies to reach operational excellence by providing people, processes and technologies in a more convenient onshore outsourcing option,” said Maddock. “In addition to the growth of the tech start-up economy, TaskUs is also working with large companies that are now updating legacy support operations and need our next generation service to stay in step with how to best support their millennial customers and workforce. Some of those companies require services in the U.S., and so we’re here.”

TaskUs’ move into Texas included the two founders, Maddock, the company’s CEO, and Jaspar Weir, the company’s president, who now reside in Austin. The company also just opened a sales office in Dallas.

About TaskUs

TaskUs provides the people, process and technology that power the world’s most notable brands and disruptive companies. We are the leading provider of customer care and back office outsourcing to evolving businesses. Our unique focus on transformational growth scales support systems and increases our partners’ bottom lines. To learn about Ridiculously Good Outsourcing options, visit TaskUs.com.

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April 13, 2017