Partnership: It’s What Makes Us TaskUs (The meaning behind our new brand campaign)

The Power of Us

Partnership is the nucleus of TaskUs: it's essential to our organizational identity, daily operations and our mission at large. Our mission, to create a partnership of amazing people and innovative technology to deliver the world's best customer experience, truly encapsulates the idea of partnership. This partnership enables every opportunity we create for teammates and every success we create for clients.

Our new logo emphasizes this idea of partnership with "Us" as the focal point, surrounded and encapsulated by a speech bubble. The symbiotic relationship that TaskUs fosters among teammates, clients, and technology gives our organization a unique competitive edge: the power of Us. It's the indelible mark that distinguishes TaskUs from competitors. It's our value proposition. No matter the question, The Answer is Us.

TaskUs and Teammates

TaskUs has always been and will always be an employee-centric organization; we put our teammates first, clients second, and shareholders third. This philosophy is the guiding principle that drives our daily decisions, whether it's embracing transparency, creating beautiful and inspiring workspaces, or exercising emotional intelligence.

By prioritizing our partnership with employees, TaskUs has attracted, motivated, inspired, and retained high performing, not to mention happy, employees. In such a positive working environment, these people inevitably produce effective teamwork. The end result of this organization-employee partnership is a palpable spirit of loyalty, positivity, and unity which statistically delivers higher customer satisfaction.

TaskUs and Clients

Our healthy partnership with happy, hardworking employees enables TaskUs to create transformational partnerships with our clients. True partnership starts with knowing our clients deeply and handling their business operations with the same care as we handle our own. We ensure that we are constantly in step with our clients so we can scale and accommodate ever-changing industry demands and client-specific needs.

We're not consumed with meeting SLAs. While these certainly must be accomplished, they're table stakes, and we're driven to go above and beyond. We're not concerned with transaction, but transformation. We break tradition, ask why, and identify gaps to strive constantly for continuous improvement. The result is an increase in efficiency, savings, and quality for our clients, made possible only through our steadfast dedication to partnership.

TaskUs and Technology

Our intricate relationship with our teammates and clients demands that we must also have a coherent, comprehensive partnership between people and technology. Adopting fluid technology systems increases teammates' efficiency and enjoyment by eliminating mundane tasks, facilitating effective collaboration, and streamlining internal communication.

Partnering with technology also allows us to reap efficiency gains and deliver high performance for our clients. It enables us to deliver customer care on the digital platforms where customers want to interact. 94% of the service TaskUs provides is digitally driven, leaving only 6% allocated to voice-only support. We are 100% cloud-based, which means that we are not held back by outdated legacy systems, and we do not use expensive, outdated, or bulky systems. The way we've partnered with and embraced technology allows us to stay abreast to changing industry demands and implement the latest and greatest for both teammates and clients.

The Answer is Us

Partnership is in our DNA - everything we accomplish is through the power of Us. TaskUs delivers next generation customer experience, made possible only through partnerships, which we faithfully and enthusiastically adhere to. No matter the question, the Answer is Us.


August 01, 2017