Outsourcing Your Sales Development

We don't always talk about how we at TaskUs have used outsourcing as a strategic tool to grow, but when we do it's really interesting.

I'd be willing to confess to claims that I'm tooting our own horn, but the reaction to TaskUs president, Jaspar Weir's presentation at the 2014 Sales Hacker Conference, which he will be presenting again at the Sales Hacker Series in Santa Monica says otherwise.

Driving sales is such a critical component for every company that it may seem counter-intuitive to outsource any part of it, but as TaskUs -- and some of our clients have found -- outsourcing the right elements of a sales strategy can be a powerful way to supercharge your organization. Here's why:

1. Cold Calling is Dying: Yes, yes, we know. If you had a penny for every time someone on the internets said something was dying, you'd be sort of rich. But consider this: it took close to four calls to reach a prospect in 2007. These days it takes more than twice that -- eight calls, to get through to one. If you couple that with the fact that only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment, it's quite clear that cold calling has outlived its use.

2. It takes forever: Even if you get through to a prospect after eight calls, it takes more than six hours to set an appointment. That's practically a whole business day!

3. Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are expensive: The average salary of an SDR is $55K. Close to $30/hour for an eight hour day. If they're spending 6.25 of those setting appointments, and what remains trying to call a prospect eight times what you're getting isn't an SDR, it's a well-paid administrative assistant.

As the presentation lays out, by the time you factor in the opportunity cost of having SDRs do anything other than to connect with clients and close deals it becomes abundantly clear that both the organization and SDRs aren't being used in a manner that is focused and effective enough to support meaningful scale. Outsourcing sales development then becomes more than a tool to offset a cost, it emerges as a powerful tool to that can help you augment your sales development process -- provided you apply it in a strategic and meaningful fashion.

This realization and the TaskUs commitment to helping build sustainable, intelligent growth is what led us to outsource our own sales development and -- eventually -- help many major companies to boost their sales development process using similar, but customized models (and no, we won't share details of their programs with you -- but thanks for asking!)

I'll leave the rest of the 'talking' to the presentation, which you can also watch if you'd rather not read. If you want to get more information on strategies for creating a modern, lean and mean sales team hit up the Sales Hacker series this month featuring Jaspar Weir, Kevin Gaither of ZipRecruiter and Aaron Ross, the author of Predictable Revenue.

Michael Buenaventura

August 13, 2014