Outsourcing Customer Service for Efficiency

Your core competencies revolve around your product line and services - while your customer service team can support those efforts, customer support may not be your field of expertise. Allocating resources to manage and staff a team when you may not know true best practices yourself can result in operational inefficiencies. Instead of delivering a sub-par customer experience because of limited customer support resources, consider outsourcing your customer service. The decision to do so could drive major improvements in your operational efficiency.

Building a Focused Team

Your internal staff and your outsourcing partner play off of each other's strengths. When you move customer support outside your company, you are freeing up resources, manpower and money for your core competencies. You and your staff can focus on the areas your company is most experienced at; the outsourcing company does nothing but provide customer support, allowing it to be efficient and effective at delivering this service. Due to its specialization, the customer service team can also keep up with the latest industry trends and technology that your company may not have the resources to track. This ensures that you don't have to go through trial periods with major technology solutions and business procedures, as your partner already has a refined and tested process in place.

Creating a Scalable Foundation

Sometimes, all it takes is one successful viral post to catapult you to the top of social media sites and drive a significant increase in business demand -- and a comparable surge in customer support needs. A scalable customer service foundation provides you with an agile method for addressing changing customer demand cycles. Trying to hire new employees to handle sudden customer service demand requires an extensive onboarding process, and you're left with figuring out what to do with the increased capacity when demand scales back down. Outsourced customer support provides you with a way to get on-demand support at the volume you presently need without dealing with a lot of overhead hassle. Reducing the amount of turnover in your company also benefits your overall culture.

Long-Term Operational Efficiency Benefits

The long-term operational efficiency provided by outsourcing non-core competencies provides you with maximized resources across the board. An experienced customer service team working on the best customer experience technology leads to higher rates of customer retention and acquisition. You gain access to the best customer support training without putting yourself through trials and tests with your customers as the guinea pigs. Happy customers who have their problems handled efficiently also become brand evangelists, improving your brand's reach. You also don't have to worry about your existing business infrastructure supporting a large scale customer support department. This setup provides you with the opportunity to completely focus your technology solutions on your business goals and overall strategies instead of having to implement a one-size-fits-all solution.

You don't have to do everything under one roof to be a successful business; in fact, many profitable businesses attained their success by recognizing the need to outsource non-core competencies. Ultimately, outsourcing your customer service department is one of the best revenue-generating business moves your company can make.



April 29, 2015