The New Standard: Why Employee Obsession Matters

If you followed along with our six week LinkedIn series, then you might have an idea of why and how we focus on the employee experience and the benefits of doing so. At TaskUs, we put our employees before our customers and shareholders, because our happy employees deliver exceptional customer experiences, which increase revenue and gives us happy investors. This ecosystem is thriving at TaskUs and has been proven again and again.

When we first surveyed our teammates back in 2014, we wanted the data to back up our thought that TaskUs was a great place to work. To our surprise, our eNPS score came back a mere 4, and that's on a scale of -100 to +100.

Data shows that companies with better culture outperform the market. We had also seen the Silicon Valley giants, the ones that were providing catered lunches and outlandish benefits like dry cleaning and WiFi buses for their employees, enjoying a culture where employees loved to work.

We knew at our core this focusing on our people was the right approach and would serve us well in the long run. We also knew we didn't get it right the first time and we needed to give this issue the same intense focus we gave to revenue and profitability. So, we started making employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) just as important as revenue and profit. We believed that if we measured it, we could manage it – and if we focused on it, we could achieve the same great results in this area of our business.

Our eNPS, now up to 63 from our rock bottom score of 4, is reflective of our culture. Our eNPS has risen steadily quarter-over-quarter and is comparable to great cultures like those at Harley
Davidson, Apple and Lego. Our hypothesis that focusing on eNPS like revenue or profit would drive a better culture for our employees has proved to be true. More importantly, we now have the data to show exactly why this approach has also led to better business outcomes.

We hire the best people, treat them with respect, listen to and value their opinions, coach them firmly but kindly and truly invest in them. In turn, they perform better for our clients than our competitors' employees do. Our happy employees have higher attendance, significantly lower voluntary attrition, better productivity and higher quality. Putting people first really does work, and it gives us a distinct advantage.

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November 14, 2017