New Look, But What Does It Mean? (The meaning behind our new logo)

Big news! We're excited to announce the new look of TaskUs. After quite a few years of growth and change, we're launching a new logo, brand campaign, and overall personality. We believe this new look better communicates who we are today, and we hope you'll agree!

Why change?

When we first launched TaskUs in 2008, we were a virtual personal assistant company with five employees in the Philippines. Today, we've grown into something that is so much more than that.

TaskUs has always been, and will always continue to be, hyper focused on the employee experience; we are first and foremost an employee-centric company because we know that teammates who are well cared for will take exceptional care of your customers. As such, in 2014, we launched our Amplified Man logo with a person at the epicenter. The radiating person illustrates the effects that one person has to amplify your business and delight your customers. 

But we are more than that.

Our mission is to create a partnership of amazing people and innovative technology to deliver the world's best customer experience. 

So, we set out to capture that mission in a visual identify. 

Tracing our identify

To capture the essence of our mission, we dissected each component to illustrate the qualities that make TaskUs unique.

The 44 degree angle. TaskUs powers the world's most disruptive companies to scale customer experience operations.  We are forward-thinking and innovative. We are founded on the principle of being disruptive to serve disruptive clients. The angle is charting upward like an arrow to illustrate this focus on growth and the future.
The rounded corner box. TaskUs delivers next generation customer experiences.  We are intensively focused on delivering service in a digital environment through the deployment of cutting edge technology. It's where customers want to be served, it's where our employees want to serve. The rounded corner box mimics the shape of a key on a keyboard as well as an app on a phone - all things associated with digital delivery.
The speech bubble. The 44 degree angle and the rounded corner box come together to form a speech bubble. TaskUs is committed to delivering the world's best customer service. We are focused on the quality of that service which starts with personalized care and dedicated communication, especially in a digital environment. Communication must be effective, clear, transparent, and collaborative.

The Us box. As has always been true, TaskUs is focused on "Us." Us is the nucleus of every action we take. Us is TaskUs and our teammates. It's our commitment to providing meaningful, purposeful work, world class benefits, and career advancement opportunities. Us is TaskUs and our clients. It's our commitment to form a partnership to transform your business and exceed expectations. Us is the symbiotic relationship between people and technology working together to deliver far more than what is achievable without the other.

It all comes together to form our new logo

TaskUs is the partnership of amazing people and innovative technology to deliver the world's best customer experience.


August 01, 2017