Mobile Customer Service Apps that Aim to Improve Customer Experience

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Valerie Access

March 09, 2016

We keep hearing about it over and over again, mobile is the present and the future. To provide the best possible customer service experience, businesses need to be where consumers are and where consumers want them to be. These days, that means online, on mobile, on-demand.

Mobile instant messaging is the fastest growing communication method and the Owner Listens app has taken this insight and provided a solution. Instead of having to call and be on hold, Owner Listens allows consumers and businesses to directly message each other through their platform – no phone call required. Not only can consumers easily communicate with customer service agents through their mobile phone but their personal information – like cell phone number – is protected (and same goes for the businesses). Consumers can privately message their comments, complaints and questions directly to business and businesses can send responses directly to consumers’ phones.

In the event that a customer still needs to speak to an agent to resolve an issue, the GetHuman app shows you the best way to navigate through a company’s customer service line to reach an agent sooner. And in the event you are stuck on hold, LucyPhone is a an app that will wait on hold for you and call you back when an agent picks up.

Each day, advances in technology make consumers increasingly mobile and in-control. Customer service teams need to quickly respond to these changes and give customers the service experience that they expect to keep them happy. This doesn’t necessarily mean businesses need to have or even use a separate customer service app in order to achieve this. These are simply examples of how technology is progressing and how new ideas and innovation change the way customers interact with businesses and vice versa. With a lot of new tools and technology available, businesses need to think about what they are currently doing and how they can progress and innovate to provide the best, seamless mobile experience for their customers.

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