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Meet The Secret Ingredients To Our Success, Our People
Considering employing TaskUs? Or perhaps you are interested in working at TaskUs? Maybe you just want to learn more about TaskUs? We could tell you about some of our company stats: 108% Company Growth, 91% Client Retention and 43% Average Cost Savings. Also, we could mention the fact that we were recently named Next Big Startup 2012 by the NYSE. Yes, we are incredibly proud of these accomplishments. However, we are most proud of our amazing employees that work diligently behind the scenes to make our clients' goals and dreams a reality!

At TaskUs, we are incredibly fortunate to employ 300+ amazing team members. Every single employee epitomizes each of our five core values on a daily basis: Inspire Others By Believing In Yourself, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work, Do More With Less, Continuous Personal Development and Strive For Excellence. With our amazing group of talented employees, TaskUs is able to accomplish the unthinkable. 500,000 leads generated for a major daily deal site in a matter of weeks? Done. $350,000 in annual savings for a top retail discount provider? Yes, we annually accomplish that as well. We are able to consistently meet and exceed our clients' expectations because of our outstanding team of employees in Santa Monica and the Philippines. They represent the best global talent available and are highly specialized in their respective fields. Additionally, every TaskUs employee has been recruited and hired because we truly enjoy working with them. We could go on, but we'll let you watch the video instead to learn just why our employees love TaskUs and why TaskUs loves our team.

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Michael Buenaventura

June 21, 2012