How Voice of the Employee Programs Improve Customer Experience

More and more companies are turning to a Voice of the Employee (VoE) program as a method of improving the customer experience in their organization. , only 25 percent of customer experience professionals say their company's customer experience programs truly improve the experience for the customer.

VoE programs are an essential component of both a company's successful CX and a healthy VoC program. They help to drive product and service innovation and are also a boon to company culture. VoE programs encourage employees to engage, and this helps boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Capturing VoE is more than just knowing if your employees are happy—it is also crucial in figuring out where the gaps are in your business that you need to bridge in order to drive revenue.

The Three Levels of VoE Programs

Forrester suggests that VoE programs have three levels. The first is customer observations in which customer-facing employees turn into customer listening posts by recording and observing what customers are saying. The second is improvement suggestions in which employees report on both how customers are responding to their actions as well as possible solutions that could improve the customer response. The example Forrester cites is if a customer is irritated with how long it takes to complete a transaction, the employee could offer feedback on what is wrong with the technical process that is making it take so long, which points to a solution. The third is employee engagement considerations, which relies on the premise that employee engagement drives customer engagement.

What Should VoE Programs Accomplish?

Furthermore, a VoE program should collect feedback from employees systematically to uncover root causes of customer experience issues. Combining employee feedback with customer feedback can give you a better sense of what the problems might be. After that, it's important to react to the feedback and collaborate with employees to resolve issues. It's important for your employees to understand how their feedback is being used for a VoE program to be successful. They need to know their feedback is helping bring positive change in your organization.

Few people know your customers better than your employees. When it comes to improving customer care and the overall customer experience, chances are your employees can and will come up with the best solutions. That's why a VoE program is essential for getting the feedback you need from your employees; their feedback that will play an important role in redefining the customer experience at your company and drive revenue in the years to come.



Michael Buenaventura

October 16, 2015