How to Use Chat Support to Scale CX Operations, Increase Sales, and Improve CSAT

Live chat can be referred to as the mother of all support channels. It currently holds the highest customer satisfaction level compared to email and phone support while also offering convenience, real-time attentiveness and responsiveness, and it can provide an increase in online revenue. However, few companies know how to implement chat correctly to maximize ROI and overall impact across departments.

So, how can you use chat support to scale your operations while also increasing sales? Let’s learn from a well-known e-commerce company whose support agents now produce more than $2,500 in revenue, per agent--all with a comprehensive chat strategy.

By 2016, the organization was growing too fast to continue handling customer support on its own. They needed a partner that aligned with their own people-centric culture, and the talent to support a complex care environment. The agents would have to be trained to help merchants set up their websites, consult on different programs, and upsell clients from their free trials to one of the many paid plans the company offered. Perhaps most importantly, the company wanted to create a more personalized chat experience to improve their relationship with customers and increase their dropping CSAT score.

When the engagement began, chat responses were mostly “cut and paste,” so the information was accurate, but the experience was impersonal. Creating a transition from this typical chat approach was challenging because it could potentially degrade service in the interim and further decrease CSAT scores.

By continually working with this client to refine training and recruiting and strategizing an approach to unique chat interactions, TaskUs partnered with this e-commerce company to reevaluate their existing framework.

Download our case study, How to Use Chat Support to Scale CX Operations, Increase Sales, and Improve CSAT, to learn how TaskUs helped this e-commerce giant to:

  • Increase their CSAT score from 79% to 91% and outperform the in-house team
  • Empower the support team to increase their sales revenue to more than $2,500 per agent
  • Tripled agent headcount from 35 to 270 without degrading service

February 05, 2019