How to Revolutionize Quality Assurance Approaches for Better Customer Support (Video)

Customer confidence depends on quality. Miss the mark, and your brand, reputation and company’s future could be at stake. However, many companies don’t have a mechanism in place to measure quality assurance for customer support or have any indication of where they’re falling short. In our previous post, we identified where most companies are missing the mark with their quality assurance programs and the consequences associated with it. Our comprehensive experience with quality assurance (QA) has helped us to develop a 3-step program that revolutionizes the traditional approach to QA by utilizing people, big data, and insights.

The power of big data provides predictive and prescriptive insights while our data experts provide meaningful analytical acumen, such as:

  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Business process integration
  • Scenario planning
  • Customer behavior insights from analytics
  • Trend forecasts to respond to quick market changes
  • Insights-driven business transformation

As a result, we have helped the healthcare, food delivery, hi-tech, and retail industries to improve data validation, decrease cost per call, and increase their overall market presence with improved knowledge management and training ecosystems. Learn how your company can benefit by downloading this brief overview.



February 12, 2019