How to Filter Candidates Better Than a Dating App

Recruiting the right candidates that were worthy of being, what our client called, "gurus" was no easy feat.

To excel at voice support, a teammate must display empathy, be able to react quickly, and have exceptional verbal communication skills with accent neutrality. Jointly, to excel at email and chat, a teammate must display excellent written communication, exceptional grammar and spelling, and be able to multitask, often facilitating more than one chat at a time. Moreover, each teammate was required to handle complex billing inquiries, provide technical support which required light coding and root cause analysis, and exceed sales expectations.

Teammates that excelled at all of these skills fell into a specialized profile. Additionally, it was important to recruit the right candidates to avoid high scale attrition during the long, complex training process.

To add to all this, our client was growing, and growing quickly. We needed to be able to find these specialized candidates, and quick.

Read our case study here to learn about how we structured the recruitment process to find the right candidates and were able to reduce the interview process length by 80%.

March 29, 2018