How Outsourcing Improves Service Delivery

Today's consumers, especially Millennials, want a customized customer experience that remains as effective as possible. They want to engage with your customer support through the channels they're most comfortable with, when it's convenient for them. The traditional business hours customer service phone number isn't cutting it these days. Your customers demand more and they're demanding it right now. You don't always have the ability to allocate in-house resources to improving tactical service delivery, but outsourcing customer support expands your available resources in several ways.

Tapping into Service Delivery Expertise

Your business has a core competency that forms the foundation for your entire company. You know everything there is to know about it, your infrastructure emphasizes it and it pervades your company culture. So what happens when the core competency revolves around customer service? An outsourcing service provides you with a way to tap into that level of service delivery expertise, learned through trial, error and significant amounts of real-world testing.

Leverage this service delivery expertise to create a customer experience that increases customer acquisition and helps drive retention. You might always be on the lookout for new customers, but the ones who stick around spend more and tend to talk about you to their social networks. An outsourcing partner can focus on an omni-channel approach to customer service, thanks to their existing infrastructure. It's no problem for the outsourcing partner to handle social media support requests, phone support and chat at the same time. The applications they use are the best in the business, improving the overall efficiency of the delivery process.

In-House Customer Support Refocused

Another benefit of a customer support outsourcing partner is getting strategic insights for your in-house customer support department. Your in-house staff are no longer bogged down with a high call and contact volume, helping create a more efficient execution and delivery workflow. Work with the outsourcing partner to figure out the best way to leverage your in-house support staff in order to take advantage of their specialized skills.

For example, if your company has heavy engagement on social media, you may wish to control social media support channels in-house and allow the outsourcing partner to handle the rest. You match your company's brand expression and deliver customer service in a more modern way. Consulting with the outsourced customer support service provides you with software recommendations and infrastructures best suited to handle the channels and customer contacts you want to work with directly.

The quality of your service delivery makes or breaks your customer experience. An outsourced service partner provides you with high expertise support that understands exactly how to make customers happy, help with making your in-house support channels the best they can be and an efficient service delivery strategy that helps your company make more money in the long run. Your high growth periods are no longer stressful sessions of figuring out how to handle the increased load on your customer support department. Now it's a simple matter of letting the outsourced provider know what you need and knowing you can deliver the service your customers expect and demand.



Michael Buenaventura

May 07, 2015