Communication is the Heart of the Customer Experience

By: Maya S. Horowitz

Maya S. Horowitz is Talkdesk's Editorial Lead. Learn more about Talkdesk cloud-based call center software at

Effective communication is essential to maintaining healthy relationships. It's the reason your mother keeps telling you to call her and your partner sends a seemingly chosen-at-random emoji every few hours. Communication is what cements bonds, identifies problems and helps people work towards better understanding. It's at the heart of happiness, loyalty and trust. All of this holds true for your relationship with your best friends, so why should your company's relationship with customers be any different?

We live at a turning point in the history of customer-company relations. Businesses are scrambling to adapt to the growing expectations of modern customers. Today's customers are awash with choices and armed with social media. Customer experience has become the differentiating factor between companies that succeed and those that fail.

The customer experience is defined by communication. This means that smart companies are investing in tools and practices that enhance their ability to connect with customers. Technologies like cloud-based call center software facilitate communication directly and in real-time. Metrics like Net Promoter Score enable managers to make data-driven decisions about the customer experience. Agent training programs instill a culture of service. There are a wide array of options for companies seeking to improve their customer experience through communication.

At Talkdesk, communication is our business. Our intuitive call center solution has advanced features, comprehensive live reporting and 25+ seamless business tool integrations to empower our users to make stronger connections with their customers.

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April 26, 2016