The Great Debate: Crowdsourcing vs. Outsourcing


Like any great historical debate, crowdsourcing vs. outsourcing is not easy to explain. Its history is rich, and its main players are almost as ingenious as the business models they represent.

Bryce Maddock, frequently referred to as "the man who resurrected outsourcing," has risen to international stardom not for his technical understanding - of which he is completely void - but instead, his incredibly good looks and wildly successful outsourcing company, TaskUs. Maddock rarely engages in public debates with his opponent, his friend, his antithesis, Chris Van Pelt. A recent poll of the continental U.S. shows Van Pelt is revered most for his mustache, founding Appen comes in close second. Gone are the days when few took notice to businesses like TaskUs and Appen. Today, the greatest minds of the past century argue that there has never been a more important and positive disruption to the ill-fated global economy than outsourcing and crowdsourcing.

Their long-standing silence will end on Tuesday, October 22 at 4:35 p.m., when Van Pelt and Maddock share the stage at CrowdConf to shed light on the oft-discussed topic of crowdsourcing vs. outsourcing. Tears will be wept, blood won't be shed and light refreshments will be available in the main lobby.

Michael Buenaventura

October 17, 2013