What does TaskUs do for you?

ARRIS RIVERA, MediaMax Team POC, Studio Print Editor

TaskUs, and my team especially, provides me this great environment where I can challenge myself, learn, and have fun all at the same time.


EULY COSTALES, MediaMax Agency Print Editor

I wouldn't have met two of my favorite people in life sans TaskUs: a very dear friend with whom I can spend the day smoking and talking about anything and everything; and my partner - crazy smart and sinfully gorgeous. All the adjectives in the 19 languages I speak don't do him justice - five and something-inches of WONDERFUL.


JANDY DAKIS, MediaMax Agency Print Editor

With my baby girl's endless need for milk and diaper, my job at TaskUs is truly a lifesaver for me. I can be the husband and dad that I need to be.


TERRY ABAYA, MediaMax Studio Online/Print Editor

Task us helps me utilize my talents and skills. It allows me to bask in the pride of being able to provide for my family.


CHELSEA MADRINAN, MediaMax Team POC, Agency Print Editor

Aside from giving me the means to pay my bills, I also earned true friends at TaskUs - outrageously funny, loving people that I will never get tired of working with.


HAROLD HUBILLA, MediaMax Agency Print Editor

Aside from the money that allows me the liberty to buy all the processed food I want, TaskUs has saved me from the disgrace of being unemployed and being broke during the Christmas season.


JAQUI CAMINO, Mediamax Team POC, Studio Print Editor

They actually pay me to be part of the craziest, most awesome team ever!


KIM RAMOS, MediaMax Team Leader

TaskUs makes my life and my son's life possible. Nowhere else have I ever been given this much flexibility and means to be able to play all the other roles I have outside of work.

My job here is the realization of a vision I had years ago - find a place where I can be a substantial part of people's growth; where I can laugh as hard as I work and be inspired to really make every single day count.


JERU RAMOS, TaskUs/MediaMax baby

TaskUs gives my mom a really cool job...I can go to a great school and buy food and toys and take care of my dog. I loooooove TaskUs!



October 01, 2012