Going Global. Starting at Home.

I am proud to announce that TaskUs has launched our first domestic operation in San Antonio, Texas! From the beginning we have had two missions. The first is to help the most innovative companies in the world to scale rapidly, disrupt antiquated processes and defeat entrenched competitors. The second is to connect people all over the world with opportunities for meaningful employment.

In 2009 we opened our first office in the Philippines. We had just seven teammates, seven computers and seven card tables that we called our desks. What we lacked in scale and sophistication we made up for in passion and perseverance. By 2010, we had 100 teammates providing customer support to a range of startup companies. The next year we had 200 teammates, and today we have almost 8,000 teammates in the Philippines.

TaskUs is the leading customer service outsourcing provider for the world's most innovative businesses. No outsourcing company does more work for firms founded in the past decade, for industry disruptors who are changing the way the world operates or for companies growing at over 100% year over year. Over the past eight years, we have received countless requests for multi-lingual and domestic contact center services. Being an agile partner that isn't afraid to take risks, we try to listen to the market needs as best we can - but we want to do it right.

Many of our customers want to start onshore. In the early days of an engagement, it is important to be able to easily visit and collaborate with the support team as it is being built. Domestic operations offer the ability to quickly iterate and create standard operating procedures that can later be efficiently scaled offshore. While we understood all of the reasons why it made sense to have a U.S. based option, we felt it was more important to stay focused and perfect our own operations in the Philippines. Today, after over eight years of working at it, we feel we have perfected that model in the Philippines.

So now, it is time to go global!

Over the next year we will launch multiple contact centers in countries outside of the Philippines, and what better place to start that at home in the U.S.A. Last year we set out to find the site of our first U.S. location. We pulled detailed demographic data on over 50 different markets in the U.S. We were looking for a place that had a history of service, a growing millennial population that would be passionate about the brands we support and a location that was easily accessible for clients based in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

San Antonio, Texas offered us all of this and more. The city has a large military population and is home of one of the gold standards in customer service - the USAA. San Antonio also has the fastest growing population of millennials in America. With direct flights daily from LAX, SFO and JFK, we knew that we had to go check this place out.

Now I'll admit when the team suggested San Antonio, I was hesitant. I pictured a drab, humid metropolis, similar to some other Texan cities that won't be named. But when I arrived I was blown away at how cool the city is. Young creative people dominated the restaurants, coffee shops and bars in the Pearl District and on the River Walk. After spending a night at the Hotel Emma, going for a run on the River Walk, getting coffee at Estate Coffee Company and drinks at Rumble, it was clear this was our home.

If you have ever visited a TaskUs office in the Philippines you know how ridiculous our approach to design is. In San Antonio we are took it a step further. Instead of renting one of the thousands of call center spaces, we haven taken over an old uniform factory - the Finesilver Building. We have built out a temporary space on the ground floor and are currently turning the entire top floor into a modern customer experience control center. I cannot wait to show you!

We are live today with over 60 incredible teammates. I invite you to come and visit the office.

I almost forgot to mention! If you do come and visit, Jaspar or I will be happy to personally give you a tour. As part of our effort to Go Global, we both moved to Austin at the start of the year. Here, we are an hour drive from the office in San Antonio and a quick flight to the next few cities we will be opening in the U.S. and Latin America.

Stay tuned...

Bryce Maddock

CEO and Founder
March 23, 2017