A Glimpse into the Future: Artificial Intelligence with David Tisch

Welcome to this week's episode of CXYZ. In this bonus podcast episode, Jaspar talks to David Tisch, the Managing Partner of BoxGroup, a New York City-based angel investor in early-stage tech companies like Vine, Blue Apron, Sunrise, Warby Parker, Harry's, Oscar, Behance, Handy and more. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of Spring, a mobile marketplace where customers shop directly within the app from a curated community of brands.

Jaspar and David discuss everything from business tactics to Artificial Intelligence (AI). They even ponder if robots really are the next big thing and which side David is on when it comes to bots - buying or selling. The conversation also covers how chat adoption differs between Asia and the U.S. David sees bots being applicable for marketing, sales and customer support, but it's still going to take some time to for broad adoption to happen.

Our experts also talk about the current trend from "start up fast and scale at all costs" to "profiting" from sustainable business models, especially as it relates to securing venture capital. In David's view, this trend is just that, a trend. And it can only be more than that if a company is not simply following the meme of being profitable, but is actually focused on the things that makes them successful, one of which is profitability.

Also on the list of discussion topics is how David looks at AI as an investment, how real AI is and what industries it has impacted. He gives tips about how retailers should approach investors and what deal he would love to see in the future. Pop in your earbuds and have a listen.


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August 08, 2017