Get To Know TaskUs Customers: HotelTonight and Mailchimp

Businesses live for the sole purpose of serving customers. Without customers, companies have no heartbeat, and because of this, customers have their very own observed holiday: Get To Know Your Customers Day!

Get to Know Your Customers Day is kind of like Valentine's Day, but for customers, and it all happens without Cupid's arrow. Observed on a quarterly basis, the purpose of this day is for businesses to get to know their customers, understand their markets and needs, and make them feel like they are the only customer.

At TaskUs, we are lucky enough to work with some of the most disruptive and transformative companies in the world, and for us, every day is Get to Know Your Customers Day. However, today we put a special spotlight on two of our customers who are disrupting the game in the technology and travel industry: MailChimp and HotelTonight. We will walk you through who they are, what makes them disruptive (aka why we love them), and what the future of customer experience (CX) looks like to them.


Get to Know MailChimp: A Marketing Automation Tool That Won't Drive You Bananas

Founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius, MailChimp is an email marketing platform for small businesses who has one of the greatest bootstrap success stories of the last 20 years. They have over 15 million users, over 500,000 paid subscribers, and generate over $500 million in revenue. They are the poster child for massive scale and growth, and we couldn't be more proud that we help to support their business.

In our CXYZ podcast, episode 14, we had an informative discussion with MailChimp's COO, Farrah Kennedy, who joined the company in 2013. She has helped to take the business from a startup to a grownup, by scaling up customer support operations, and clearing a massive backlog of email and chat tickets. In her featured episode, Farrah talks about how to provide outstanding support via non-voice channels, so make sure to grab your earbuds and listen in.

So, what lies ahead for the future of CX at MailChimp? MailChimp is working on democratizing technology that enterprise companies have and bringing that into small businesses. For them, it's always about keeping up with trends and making them accessible and affordable for small teams.

Getting to Know HotelTonight: Traveling Beyond Basic Reservations

So, who is HotelTonight you ask? If you haven't had a chance to use their excellent mobile reservation service, we highly recommend it on your next last-minute vacay or business trip. Named #3 on the Travel Channel's top 10 travel apps, HotelTonight provides a mobile app that is focused on connecting customers with great hotel rooms, with a particular focus on the last-minute booking space. As a bonus to their services, they also offer an in-app messaging program that rewards loyal customers by connecting them with a dedicated customer service pro who can help with just about anything. Their service has the perfect ingredients for the ultimate customer experience, and we love being part of their secret sauce.

If you haven't tuned in already to our CXYZ podcast, check out episode 15where we had the pleasure of sitting down with HotelTonight's VP of Customer Experience, Kalpana Chandrasekhar. She discusses how to create a buzz for customer experience for the whole the team and explains how to use data and metrics to back up her hypotheses and drive product change within the company.

So what will CX look like for HotelTonight in 2020? Kalpana is forward-focused on reducing the areas of friction for customers and hopes for a move into more chat-based support. That's definitely a smart road to be on in our increasingly digital world.


Wrapping Up the Day

We hope you enjoyed meeting our customers and make sure to tune into our CXYZ podcast for the best and brightest opinions in CX from a wide array of industries. Our episodes will help you take your customer support efforts to new heights, and all you have to do is sit back and listen.

To learn more about who we serve, check out our disruptor hall of fame here. If you're a company experiencing massive growth and need some help behind the CX scenes, contact us here.


July 19, 2018