Entrepreneur Awards TaskUs #9 Position on the 2016 Entrepreneur 360 List

Business success rarely, if ever, is the result of a single factor. Success is a direct consequence of a careful balancing act of a myriad of components that each contribute in some capacity to the greater whole.

Entrepreneur magazine validates this point of view in its 2016 Entrepreneur 360 List selection process. Rather than merely considering one factor - such as revenue or market share - it believes that a genuinely 360 business is one that keeps is one that has achieved harmony along four metrics: impact, innovation, growth and leadership. It believes that TaskUs has achieved such harmony.

As such, it has named the company #9 on its 2016 Entrepreneur 360 List. The entire TaskUs team is thrilled with this recognition! Thank you, Entrepreneur!

To learn more and see the 360 businesses that made this list, go here.


November 06, 2016