A company's self-service or FAQ page is often one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated points of the customer's experience, but it's a customer experience (CX) essential.

Did you know that 50% of consumers reach out to a live agent when they are unable to self-serve on a company's website? But shockingly, most organizations who have self-help pages are remarkably underdeveloped.

Poor self-help resources create added call volume and operational costs that could have been avoided by examining first contact resolution, channel hopping rates, and establishing clear self-service goals.

First contact resolution (FCR) and channel hopping rates are your customers' way of telling you that some of your support options aren't making the cut. For example, did they visit your website initially to access information in hopes of solving their inquiry via your FAQ page but couldn't find the answer so they had to call in? By adding this extra layer of investigation and analysis, it helps pinpoint areas that need better content, or more prominent placement.

As self-service channels increase in popularity, so does the use of communities or peer-to-peer help and advice. However, implementing community forums and having it work well for customers are two completely different things. To create the best channel experience, it's critical to go beyond simply creating a community function and letting it run on its own. Communities should always be monitored by experienced company personnel to ensure that the right information is exchanged. This not only shows customers that the company is there listening, but also that it cares about their questions and works diligently to resolve the issue.

The goal behind any of your support channels should be targeted at empowering your customer base to be self-sufficient and should be a focal point while creating your CX channel strategy. In turn, this provides a higher quality of work for support teams since most self-service options eradicate repetitive, basic inquiries that they would get on a daily basis.

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Josh Semler

CX Consultant
October 23, 2018