A Dropbox For Real Life Storage with Sam Rosen

What would happen if Dropbox and self-storage had a baby?

You would get MakeSpace, a service that allows you to see everything you have in storage from anywhere you are and, with a touch of a button, have your items delivered to you. So long are the days of having to rummage through dozens of dusty boxes. Jaspar and the founder and CEO of this revolutionary self-storage company–Sam Rosen–discuss MakeSpace's approach to CX, and more importantly, how they've scaled their customer support with their rapid growth. Sam shares two components in how he's accomplished this: building an amazing team and having the right tools when serving customers.

Rather than just building a customer-centric team, MakeSpace has created a customer experience position that has "a seat at the leadership table." Sam emphasizes that having this specialized role in a leadership team is pivotal to delivering exceptional CX and provides examples of why that is the case.

If you've built a CX team, the next question to ask is whether or not you're providing them with the right tools. Jaspar and Sam explain why it's so critical to make an investment in customer support tools; the impact that this could have for a company's operations; and the two most important customer support metrics to his CX team.

In the last segment, Jaspar asks Sam for his "angriest customer" story, and how MakeSpace manages customer expectations. Tune into this week's episode!


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October 02, 2017