Digital Customer Service Is Still in Its Genesis: Here’s What the Future Holds

Unless you've lived under a rock for the last 15 years, it's clear the way the world communicates has shifted greatly to depend on digital channels. More than 25 percent of the world's population is now on Facebook, and Twitter has left an indelible mark on presidential politics. More than 70 percent of Americans have a smartphone in their pockets, and for most, a call is not the preferred way to communicate.
An evolution is occurring - maybe even a revolution - in what consumers want when it comes to customer service channels. A recent study reveals that 14 percent of consumers want to connect with customer service representatives through email, and 9 percent want to connect through a mobile app. While those figures aren't earth-shattering, they do mark a definitive change.
Unsurprisingly, the channels and technologies people are using to interact with companies - especially social media - are the same ones they're using to interact with the rest of the world: "It is totally reshaping the way organizations communicate," says Andrea Goldberg, an industrial psychologist and president of a U.S. digital consulting agency. Thus, it's the job of customer service teams to meet their customers on the channels most comfortable for them.
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Jaspar Weir

President and Founder
October 06, 2017