From the Desk of the CEO: A Leader Who Answers

When I speak with someone on the TaskUs team, I like to end the conversation by offering my email, and encouraging the employee to write whenever they have a suggestion, an idea, or have thoughts on the business.  With 5,300 teammates - across 3 continents - I get a lot of emails.

I answer each one.  But if Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson can make the time to be a great communicator, I am determined to do so too!

Some of the emails I receive relate to things that a teammate would like management to look into and to improve upon.

I get angry emails too.  These aren't fun, but it's great that my team is comfortable letting me know if they haven't been paid correctly, or if they believe that leadership has failed.

I make the time to answer each one.

I don't believe it's possible to lead effectively unless one is receptive to both positive and negative feedback... so these emails always get an answer as well.

Interestingly, the angriest emails that I have seen in my inbox relate to our Annual TaskUs Sports Fest that is a (mostly) friendly competitive amongst offices for coveted bragging rights.  Inevitably, every team (other than the winning one) feels that the referees have rigged the competition somehow!

These definitely get an answer, as I am just as competitive as the best of them.

Occasionally, I get an email that lights up my heart.  Some employees really go out of their way to let me know what an amazing place TaskUs is to work.

Today, I received one such email from a teammate in the Philippines.  I am posting the email chain (as a series of screen shots) with the author's permission.

Email, Part 1

Email, Part 2

Email, Part 3

Emails, such as these, tell me that TaskUs is doing important work around the world -not only for our customers, but also for our employees.

It is an honor to answer these emails.  It reminds me the reason why we do what we do, it reminds me that our work serves a greater purposes, it rejuvenates me.  Thank you for writing today, Raymond.

If we could only hire referees who were as good as Raymond...

Bryce Maddock
TaskUs CEO & Co-Founder



Bryce Maddock

CEO and Founder
July 05, 2016