Deconstructing Booker with Josh McCarter

This week on CXYZ, Bryce chats with Booker Co-Founder and CEO, Josh McCarter, who led the spin-off of Booker from its prior parent company, SpaFinder. Booker is an all-in-one local service commerce platform that helps business owners grow their customer base, book appointments, process payments, manage employees and build long-term customer relationships. In today's digital world, creating and maintaining strong customer relationships is more important now than ever. Booker helps their clients create a seamless customer experience that keeps them coming back time after time, while managing their entire business in one place.

Josh touches on how he spun-off Booker and dives into his current focus – expanding Booker's reach through partnerships and client relationships. And he's doing all of this while creating a culture of innovation and excellence in Booker's offices around the globe.

Bryce and Josh discuss Josh's experience with starting and growing a business and dealing with angry customers along the way. Josh has a great angry customer story from his very first job, so don't miss it! The lesson he learned from it? Never break the trust you have with a customer. Once the trust is gone, so is the customer, and you will likely never get them back. For those of us in the CX industry, it's a powerful lesson. So grab your earbuds and tune in today!


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August 23, 2017