CXYZ Talks Customer Experience with Ed Boyes, CEO of HelloFresh

In this week's episode, Bryce chats with the CEO of HelloFresh, Ed Boyes, about how his company is changing the way consumers meal prep, one meal at a time. As a company in the relatively new "e-food" space, Ed Boyes shares how they strive to be the company that "knows their customers better than anyone else."

HelloFresh is the largest meal delivery company in the world and was recently named the "fastest growing company" in Europe by The Financial Times. HelloFresh delivers 7.4 million meals a month to over 800,000 regular subscribers across the world. Those are some pretty impressive numbers! Successfully delivering that many meals is no small task, and it requires a keen eye for customer experience.

During this episode, we'll find out how food preferences in the U.S. have moved towards convenience over the last two to three decades, and how HelloFresh is working hard every day to help customers enjoy tasty convenient meals. We'll also learn how Ed focuses on listening to his customers so HelloFresh can get ahead, and stay ahead, of the competition. You won't want to miss this insightful episode. Never want to miss an episode of CXYZ? Subscribe today!


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July 11, 2017