CX Roundup: Using Technology to Drive Experience

Another week, another roundup: over the past few days, we've noticed a few articles detailing the way companies are using technology to drive process improvement across their customer experience, while communicating with their audience in new and innovative ways. As technology becomes increasingly ever-present, it's great to see examples of how companies are using the insights gained from sophisticated data and turning them into business strategies. From the unexpected to the recently re-done, here are our top three picks:

JetBlue: Simplify, simplify, simplify.
JetBlue is working to redefine the way we think of airlines by leveraging technology to streamline customer support interactions and improve the passenger's flight experience. The tedious check-in, seat-selection and boarding pass routine we're all accustomed to? JetBlue automates that entire process for customers based on previous flight preferences, without the passenger ever having to do the grunt work themselves on a computer or mobile application.

JetBlue also uses technology to improve the in-flight experience, with free Wifi and the use of iPads and Apple Pay. This helps attendants give passengers targeted flight suggestions if a connecting flight is delayed, and allows passengers to easily pay for in-flight purchases.

The takeaway? JetBlue used technology to eliminate steps from their customer journey by automating the check-in process, while allowing their internal customer service teams to focus on higher-priority issues that can't be streamlined using technology.

Youtube: The new self-service.

We all love making our own choices, and in the expanding world of customer support self-service options, we found ourselves looking at an unexpected emerging channel: Youtube.

Youtube is proving itself to be a perfect forum for product demonstrations and a new type of FAQ page, where companies can add a powerful visual and human component to answer common questions.

Companies are also able to include links to PDF manuals and links to other support options on their corporate site, should their videos not suffice. Getting a visual guide for how to do something can be far more powerful than being told how to do it -- after all, how many times have we been on the phone with a support agent, completely frustrated we can't find the button/option/page they're seeing? Youtube videos can eliminate those frustrations by provisioning step-by-step guides that are (hopefully) foolproof.

Big data? Solve problems.

Customer surveys are a way of gaining critical insight from your customers, but these days, leveraging big data can help you actually optimize the outcome of your customer interactions. For example, if you want increased customer loyalty, this post points out the ways you can use big data to adjust your operations by looking at relationships between operational metrics and customer satisfaction. The article also points out ways big data can personalize reports, leverage text analytics and pull customer loyalty behaviors from existing CRM systems to bring actionable value to the insights gained from customer surveys.

May 08, 2015