Customer Experience Trend Report – October 2015

It's no surprise that we're seeing digital trends impact the very fundamentals of customer experience (CX): everything from our understanding of the composition of CX, to the way customer care teams process customer feedback is going through a phase of rapid evolution. Here are our top picks this week to stay on top of what's happening in the industry:

Customer Experience and Social Media
Blake Morgan writes a great piece dissecting the modern customer experience, discussing the role social media plays today in a customer service: "Today customer service not only has to be a "smooth operator” behind the scenes, they need to assist or even co-lead engagement when it comes to social media.” Blake breaks down customer experience into six "rings” that make up today's CX -- from external players, like customers and the public, to the innermost rings (CRM and collaboration tools). She closes with the point that every company's ultimate goal -- a seamless customer experience -- is only gained when companies are able to leverage technology and data in a way that delivers impactful, real-time interactions with customers.

How Uber Uses Big Data for CX
Ever wondered how Uber disperses driver/rider demand, surge pricing and helps drivers avoid accidents while on the road? Look no further than big data, and the fascinating ways that our client leverages big data to process millions of instances behind the scenes. Today's companies vying for a space amongst sharing economy giants can take note: with the availability of big data solutions out there, it's less about the platform you use versus the way you use technology to innovate.

TaskUs recently hosted our own CX Summit in San Francisco, where we talked shop with some of the most forward-thinking customer experience professionals in the business! Stay tuned next week for overviews of content, which include the role of customer support in product development, customer experience mapping and more!

October 09, 2015