Cool Companies With Even Cooler Office Spaces

At TaskUs, we pride ourselves in putting our employees first. We understand that the success of our business and the services we provide relies heavily, if not completely, on our employees. As such, providing top notch amenities and benefits to our teammates is of utter importance, one of which being our unique office spaces. From our cafe themed office located inside a mall that actually serves complimentary coffee to employees and those passing by to our steampunk, gaming themed office with actual moving gears on the floors and the walls, we are pretty proud of the innovative and creative working spaces we provide to our teammates. The amenities are pretty ridiculous as well and include a gym, sleeping quarters, showers, healthy food concessionaires at subsidized prices, health clinic and nurse, gaming rooms stocked with pool and ping pong tables, video game lair, and relaxation rooms with comfy bean bag chairs. But we know we aren't the only company out there that touts our amazing office spaces. Let's take a look at a few other cool companies with even cooler office spaces.

Google in Zurich
Technology giant, Google, has creative offices all over the world, but their Zurich office is especially notable. The rule is that nobody is allowed to be more than 100 meters away from food, so you'll find kitchens everywhere throughout the space and a cafeteria where every employee is fed three times a day, for free. In the Zurich office, not only does Google want well-fed employees, they also want to reduce the need to walk everywhere. Instead, employees can get around by slide or fireman's pole. And if that's not enough to make Google's office cool, there's also a library, an aquarium where employees can relax, game tables to reduce stress and creatively designed working spaces and private rooms.

Google Zurich Office


Airbnb in San Francisco
When Airbnb expanded their San Francisco office, they were able to build a very cool space that exemplifies who they are and what they do. The entire office has an open floor plan with no private offices. Although employees have assigned desks, the space enables them to choose where and how they want to work. While users can stay almost anywhere in the world with Airbnb, employees can work in spaces that represent almost everywhere in the world. Each room is themed and decorated to represent a real Airbnb listing. And if being able to travel the world by walking around the Airbnb office is not enough, it also includes a library room as a quiet work space, a full service kitchen at the top of the building and a large dining area that has a spectacular view of the San Francisco skyline.

Airbnb San Francisco HQ


Kickstarter in Brooklyn
There is more than meets the eye at crowdfunding startup Kickstarter's office in Brooklyn. Built from an old pencil factory, the outside of the building still touts an unobscure, industrial look, but take a step inside and you will see that it's far from that. Kickstarter employees work within a large open space that features craftsman-designed woodwork and fixtures made by local artists. The office is built around a central courtyard that stretches up to a second-floor garden and finally, an open rooftop that includes vegetables, herbs, and other plants, all from the New York area. With glass walls and plants on every floor, light and nature pour into the building despite the industrial structure. Most of the construction was completed by using reused or recycled materials, with roughly half of them sourced locally. Additionally, there is a unique irrigation system that brings rainwater to the plants on all three floors. But more than just being exceptionally green and sustainable, the Kickstarter office also features a theater, library with quiet working nooks, a video game area near the kitchen and an art gallery.

Kickstarter Brooklyn HQ


Facebook in Menlo Park
It's no surprise that a company as young and hip as Facebook would have an awesome office to go along with it. Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park is large enough to house all 2,800 workers in one room with no walls or dividers to promote collaboration and exposed ceiling to remind employees that their work is never done. Facebook's headquarters is also large enough to hold a 9-acre park on the rooftop, a perfect place for walking meetings or one-on-ones. In sunny California, it's great to have the option to work outside. There are a number of collaboration spaces and whimsically designed and named conference rooms throughout the building, including a ball pit. To promote the fun culture, there is, of course, a game room, an open climbing wall and gourmet food courts to name a few. Outside the building, Facebook's campus is designed to look like a city with free bikes employees can use to get around and pop into the barbershop, doctor's office, dry cleaners, barbecue shack or video arcade.

Facebook Menlo Park HQ


Riot Games in Los Angeles
Riot Games' office in West LA is an embodiment of the company and the gamers that work there. Walking into the office, you are greeted by a monster-inhabited lobby and screens displaying player-created art and cosplay. The office space contains a space for play as well as an area with classic arcade games. Conference rooms sit in a block in the middle of the office in addition to nearly 100 breakout rooms, four atriums and a hidden corner in the quad for collaborative or quiet workspace. The Riot Games offices sit around a quad filled with drought-friendly plants and carved-out nooks for employees to work and meet. On nice sunny days in LA, the buildings' garage-style doors open up to let some fresh air and sunshine into the building.

Riot Games LA Office


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Valerie Access

March 24, 2016