Case Study: Managing Hourly Demand for Food Delivery

Delivery services - and especially on-demand food delivery - have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. Our client is enabling that phenomenon and transforming the way local goods move within cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand.

As you can imagine, food delivery service volume spikes during lunch and dinner hours which makes order fulfillment particularly challenging during these demand peaks. Before coming to TaskUs, our client was using independent contractors to handle their customer inquiries and could not could not effectively manage peak and non-peak performance.

To tackle workforce and volume issues, TaskUs studied historical data and translated this to actionable resolutions to optimize peak and non-peak efficiency. By staffing efficiently to match the variable demand, we right-sized the team and drove the cost per call down by 40% in just 45 days. Additionally, through the development of training materials, we reduced handle time by 72%.

To learn more about our work with this food delivery client, read the case study here.

March 12, 2018