Business Rockstars With Ken Rutkowski

TaskUs Goes On Air

Bryce and Jaspar Featured on Business Rockstars with Ken Rutkowski
This Friday, Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir were featured guests on Business Rockstars with Ken Rutkowski. The show aired live on KFWB News-Talk 980 at 3 pm PST, but the recorded episode can be listened to here. Bryce and Jaspar covered a wide array of topics provided by Ken: securing the right web domain, bootstrapping your startup, overcoming challenges as young entrepreneurs and pitching your business. The last segment included prospective entrepreneurs calling the station to pitch their businesses ideas on the air for Bryce and Jaspar to provide feedback.

It was another great opportunity for TaskUs to provide inspiration and insight to their fellow entrepreneurs.

July 30, 2012