From the Brink of Failure to Success with Jonathan Swanson

Welcome to episode 4 of our CXYZ podcast! We've had such a great lineup of CX experts so far, and this week is no different. Pop in your earbuds and hear Jonathan Swanson, the co-founder and President of Thumbtack, and our own Jaspar Weir talk about the importance of identifying your target audience, challenges that businesses face in the online marketplace and how critical CX is in our ever-changing sharing economy.

If you don't already know, Thumbtack has been connecting qualified, local professionals with the right customers since 2009. In fact, they've generated more than $1B in annual revenue for those professionals. During the podcast, you'll be challenged to imagine an online marketplace like Amazon where you can find options for services you need that are practically in your backyard. Need your house cleaned? Check Thumbtack. Need a party bus, a DJ or both? Look on Thumbtack. Damage to your roof or a list of honey-dos that's been lingering way too long? Find the right person to take care of it on Thumbtack.

Jonathan will also share the highs and lows in his entrepreneurial journey - something we can all relate to. He and Jaspar will have a candid conversation about the challenges of the online marketplace and how Thumbtack has built their business around customer experience. And, as you can imagine, aside from rapid growth and great success in reshaping local economies, Thumbtack also has some really interesting and entertaining stories. Tune in to hear what Jonathan's favorite category is on Thumbtack, and what the strangest one is. We're sure you'll learn something interesting.

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July 18, 2017