Ridiculously Good Reads: Apple's Operations; Managing Your Time; and Call Center Technology

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Apple hires Burberry CEO to run retail operations

Los Angeles Times, By: Chris O'Brien

The poster child of disruptive innovation, Apple, just made another bold move by hiring former Burberry CEO - Angela Ahrendts - to run its massive retail operations, including in-store and online divisions. Ahrendts will be the only woman of the company's roster of c-level execs. Apple has been hiring a lot of former fashion executives to run its operations. Hopefully the startup uniform of jeans and a t-shirt doesn't become something of the past.

Why should you read this?
1) Personally, I think anything Apple does is newsworthy
2) If Apple is choosing fashion executives to run its operations, soon everyone will be

Forget Work Life Balance - Seven Paradigm Shifts for The New 24/7 Normal

Forbes, By: Henna Inam

Finding the perfect work-life balance is a very subjective thing, and there's no equation that works for everyone; however, this article's tips come pretty close. What really sticks out is, "Move from work harder to work with passion,” and "Move from managing time to managing attention.” If you're looking for ways to inspire yourself and your employees, check out 3 Easy Ways to Inspire Your Employees, and definitely read this Forbes article.

Why should you read this?
1) Personal time is a thing of the past - read up on how take make the best of your time
2) Read this, send it to your team and pray they will focus on the "managing your attention” part

In a Mood? Call Center Agents Can Tell

The New York Times, By: Natasha Singer

Technology is getting creepier and creepier. Soon, software will be able to read your emotions based on words and phrases you use. And even creepier, computers will be able to detect your mood not by the words you say, but how you say them. If you're looking into using a call center, read 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Call Center. And, next time you call customer service, keep this in mind... Especially if you're calling into one of our awesome clients, because you never know when you're speaking with a TaskUs teammate!

Why should you read this?
1) Have you ever heard your voice? Yikes.
2) You deserve to know just how much people can tell by how you sound on the phone


October 15, 2013