3 Ways Outsourcing Can Help Small Companies Grow Quickly

The days where outsourcing was reserved for large corporations are long gone. Today, small companies and startups can benefit a lot from outsourcing. Outsourcing allows these newer companies to save valuable capital, tap into higher-level expertise and scale quickly. Here are three ways outsourcing can help smaller companies pack a big punch and play on the same field as larger, more established corporations.

1. Greater efficiency with lower costs

It's impossible for one person, or even a few people, to do everything. Cost, time and resources are a common problem amongst businesses of all sizes, but even more so for smaller operations. It's expensive for any company to hire and train new employees, and the costs become even higher with small companies that are growing and have constantly changing needs. With outsourcing, small business can enjoy economies of scale and cost structures that help them save and give them an important competitive advantage. Additionally, technology is constantly changing and it can be timely and expensive for smaller companies to constantly change and adapt to the latest and greatest while trying to grow and expand their own operation. Outsourcing can give these smaller businesses an efficient and cost effective way to take advantage of new tools without having to make investments in new technology and labor. By operating more efficiently with lower costs, small companies also become more attractive to investors because they are able to utilize more capital for revenue-producing activities.

2. An experienced/specialized workforce

Building a highly experienced and specialized workforce takes a lot of time and money, something that is extremely valuable and much more scarce for smaller businesses. Outsourcing can help smaller firms gain access to the same high-level expertise that bigger companies are able to retain on staff. By outsourcing, a company can tap into the expertise of the outsourcing company and it's highly specialized workforce in a cost effective manner. Good talent can be hard to find and outsourcing can help bridge talent gaps.

3. Ability to focus on core competencies

Perhaps the biggest and most important benefit to outsourcing is that companies are able to stay focused on their core competencies and key customers. By outsourcing non-core business functions like billing, customer support and data entry amongst much more, companies are able to focus on core competencies that add value to the business and its livelihood. It frees up resources to focus their best effort on attracting and retaining customers to run and grow the business overall.

By outsourcing, smaller companies can level the playing field with larger corporations that inevitably have access to more resources and tools. Outsourcing can help smaller businesses tackle the common problems of time, money and resources. By freeing up time to focus on what really matters to the health of the business, smaller companies can gain a real competitive advantage by partnering with the right outsourcing partner. Now the next challenge is, how do you find the right outsourcing company that will truly be a partner and help you grow?

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March 17, 2016