3 Easy Ways to Inspire Your Employees

Office Clapping

Do you feel like it's difficult to get your employees involved beyond the base requirements of their positions? A Gallup poll shows that over 70 percent of the American workforce is "disengaged" at work. Year after year, research shows people are unsatisfied and unmotivated in their jobs. With a cap on how much you can increase salaries, it might seem challenging to foster loyalty and company pride among your employees. Whether your team is down the hall or across the world, fostering outstanding company culture is a time-consuming process, but one that is necessary.

When you think of "outsourcing" you don't usually imagine impassioned employees proudly toiling away at their desks. TaskUs hasn't always been like this, but after five years of trial and error we learned that the best way you can position your company for success is to invest time and capital in the success of your employees. Below are three ways to build a company with engaged, loyal and effective employees:

1. Extensively Train Your Employees Initially

Investing in your employees' initial training is integral to their success within your organization. Research shows, the onboarding process greatly affects an employee's job satisfaction, loyalty and performance within an organization. If you don't properly train all of your employees and give them the tools they need to succeed, your turnover rate will be extremely high and you will constantly be spending time and money recruiting new talent. Be strategic with your hiring, and make sure you position everyone to succeed.

2. Develop Leaders

This article in Forbes states there is a distinct difference between training and developing leaders. It says, "Don't train leaders, coach them, mentor them, disciple them, and develop them, but please don't attempt to train them," it explains. The majority of training takes place within a lecture/presentation rather than a dialog. Leadership within an organization is extremely hard to cultivate and requires a lot of time, planning and money to effectively raise leaders within the ranks of your organization. Leaders are not always born; more often than not, leaders are developed. Not everyone will make an effective leader, but if you have been strategic with hiring your team, you have leaders within your company now. It is up to you to put in the time and effort to develop your existing employees to their full potential. To become a great company, you need great leaders on all levels.

3. Remember: Happy Employees Make You Money

"The Dragonfly Effect," by Stanford professor Jennifer Aaker, states that a person's happiness and satisfaction within a role are directly correlated to their motivation and creativity. Her research concludes that three factors help foster a happy environment, including 1) Enable people to find meaning in their work; 2) Enable people to make connections and 3) Help them feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves. If you create an environment where your employees are happy, they will produce results above and beyond your expectations.

Your employees have to feel valued for them to be of any value to you. Simply put, make the investment in training and educating your employees, make sure your team is rewarded and promoted for stellar performance and cultivate leaders within your organization.

Bryce Maddock

CEO and Founder
October 01, 2013